Doo-Wop DeVille

Cruise-N-Milford will be bringing 80 cars on Friday for our Cruising Night with Doo Wop Deville opening act.

“The Golden Era” of Classic Doo-Wop music is alive and well. Authentic and true to form, The Doo-Wop DeVille Show presents the music the way it was meant to be…All Live!! Doo-Wop DeVille will put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye as they transport you to the great musical spirit of 1950s and 60s doo-wop music.  Whether you are young, old, or in between, the stirring vocal harmonies and captivating choreography of men sporting sharkskin suits singing to the exciting and dynamic rock-and-roll of a live band will have you clapping, snapping, dancing, and singing along with your favorite memories. The timeless music will thrill you, delight you, and at times make you sigh, as your feet and your heart are carried away.


Check here for performance times