Kids Entertainment

The wrist bands are $10 for a full day or tickets for individual rides are available.

Bounce Houses

obstaclecourse castle

boxingring wreckingball

slide spider-climb


Xploration, STEM Traveling Enrichment Program

xplorationJeremy Griffus of the Xploration, STEM Traveling Enrichment Program will be doing some demonstrations.

Xploration provides enrichments and workshops to all Adult Learning Center after school programs. This program is also available to schools during the school day across Southern NH. Xploration promotes fun enrichment that encourages students to design, create, and problem-solve using their thinking skills and teamwork. This unique program is led by an experienced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) instructor who engages students in learning that is hands-on, team-based, and grounded in scientific exploration. Watch students as they experience an “aha” moment which sparks interest and deep thought in a particular subject area.

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Society

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Society will also have model train displays –

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Society are a group of people who share an interest in promoting the growth of large-scale trains and garden railroading. They participate in a variety of shows with club-owned layouts to support fund-raising activities. Their goal is to create awareness and interest in our hobby by showing a wide variety of trains and providing clinics for special interests such as model-building and landscaping.

Additional Kids Activities

  • Lagoon of Doom – 3 Tickets
  • Extreme Batting – 2 Tickets
  • Soccer Shoot Out – 2 Tickets
  • WaterWars Access toWater – 2 Tickets
  • Big Glove Boxing – 3 Tickets
  • Inflatable Speed Pitch – 2 Tickets
  • Full Court Press Basketball Shoot Out – 2 Tickets
  • Gladiator Joust – 3 Tickets
  • Eurobungy – 5 Tickets
  • Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course – 3 Tickets
  • Wild One Obstacle – 4 Tickets
  • Giant Slide – 3 Tickets
  • Moonwalk – 2 Tickets
  • Coconut Tree Climb – 5 Tickets
  • Inflatable Bungee Run – 3 Tickets
  • Candy Factory Playland – 2 Tickets